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 Technical Report
 Special Sized AHU
 Special Sized AHU Cell
 Russian Technical Report
 Fan Chart
 Psychrometric Chart
 Different Top Layer Height
 Exporting Technical Report as PDF
 Creating Mixing Air AHU
 Production - Price Calculation
 Creating Double Coil (Run Around) Heat Recovery AHU
 Creating Plate Heat Recovery AHU
 Drawing All Surfaces
 Creating Rotary Heat Recovery AHU
 Opening Project
 Filtering Project List
 Exporting AHU to Autocad (DXF)
 Exporting Technical Report as PDF Without Preview
 Filtering Project List By Filter Window
 Deleting Project
 Exporting Project Technical Reports as PDF Without Preview
 Creating Vertical Mixing Air AHU
 Creating %100 Fresh Air AHU
 Creating Project
 Copying Project
 Copying AHU
 Copying AHU From Different Project
 Changing Technical Report Settings
 Changing AHU Drawing Colors
 Changing AHU Case Materials
 Selecting Watery Humidifier
 Selecting Steamy Humidifier
 Selecting Triple Damper
 Selecting Steam Coil
 Selecting Single Damper
 Selecting Silencer
 Selecting Rotary Heat Recovery
 Selecting Plate Heat Recovery
 Selecting Heating Coil
 Selecting Filter
 Selecting Fan
 Selecting Empty Cell
 Selecting Electric Heater
 Selecting DX Coil
 Selecting Double Damper
 Selecting Double Coil (Run Around) Heat Recovery
 Selecting Vertical Mixture Module
 Selecting Cooling Coil
 Selecting Condensing Coil
 Adding AHU To Project
 Selecting AC Motor Fan
 Deleting AHU From Project
 Deleting AHU Cell
 Deleting All AHU Cells
 Joining AHU Cells
 Moving AHU Cell
 Reversing AHU Cells
 Changing AHU Design Conditions
 Changing AHU Connection (Damper, Flange) Points
 Changing AHU Airflow And Size
 Proforma Invoice
 Exporting Proforma Invoice as PDF
 Selecting EC and DD Fans
 Selecting EC Fan
 Exporting Technical Report as PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, PNG
 Changing User Password
 Changing Skin
 Defining Model and Model Sizes
 Defining User
 Defining Material Group
 Defining Steamy Humidifier
 Defining Unit
 Defining Material
 Copying Material
 Changing Material Price
 Changing Material Discount Percentage
 Defining Motor Trademark
 Copying Motor
 Defining Motor
 Defining Drawing
 Viewing Drawing
 Defining Fan
 Copying Fan
 Adding Accessories To Cell
 Adding Accessories To AHU
 Adding Accessories To Project
 Selecting Multiple Fan In One Cell
 Changing AHU Pedestal
 Assigning Design City and Design Conditions
 Filtering Coils By Temperature and Capacity
 Changing Project Door Width
 Changing AHU Door Width
 Changing Cell Door Width
 Changing AHU Quantity
 Rotating Fan Drawing
 Recovering Deleted Project
 Recovering Deleted Project By Using "Deleted Projects"
 Saving Project
 Saving Project To File
 Opening Project From File
 Closing Project
 Changing Profile
 Changing Insulation and Thickness
 Changing Outside Sheet and Thickness
 Changing Inside Sheet and Thickness
 Version History
 Batch Material Prices Change
 Setting Eurovent Certification Logo
 Setting Eurovent Energy Class Labels
 DX Coil Fluid Inlet Diameter
 Limiting Coil Outlet Temperature
 Fixing Coil Outlet Temperature
 Setting Coil Connection Count
 Setting Coil Manifold Count
 Selecting Double Coil In One Module
 Double Layer Without Heat Recovery Or Mixture
 Defining Accessory
 Project Revisioning
 Double Wheel Rotary Heat Recovery Module
 AHU / Module Label Printing
 Double Plate Heat Recovery Module
 Energy Related Products (ErP) 2016 & 2018 Directive Compatibility
 Evaporative / Honeycomb Humidifier Module
 Automation / Control Panel Module
 Fan Wall
 Material Type Based Profit Ratios
 Module Based Sheets and Insulation
 Production Document
 Russian User Interface And Technical Report
 German User Interface And Technical Report
 Accessory Pictures
 Custom Technical Report Designer
 Custom Proforma Invoice Designer
 Custom AHU / Module Label Designer
 AHU Templates
 Changing Heat Recovery Module Type
 Running TeamViewer
 3D Sample (Profile Drawings)
 Enabling and Disabling Eurovent Certificate
 Energy Related Products (ErP) 2016 & 2018 Directive Compatibility With "Ecodesign Requirements Table"
 Double Layer AHU Without Vertical Mixture Module
 Fan Coil Unit Selection
 Fan Coil Unit Definition
 Hiding Module In Technical Report
 Changing AHU Design Conditions From Module
 Changing Condensation Pan Length
 Selecting RDP Fans
 Selecting DDMP Fans
 Fins Per Inch and Fins Per Meter
 Extending Coil Condensation Pan
 Associating Accessory With Module
 Selecting Rotary Heat Recovery With Damper
 Multiple Connections (Damper, Flange)
 Changing Default Unit Of Air Flow
 Changing Default Units
 Automatic And Manuel Fan Selection
 Calculating And Showing AHU And Modules Weights
 Drawing Accessories
 Exporting AHU to Autocad (DWG)
 Changing Coil Capacity Calculation Method
 Setting Coil Connection Size
 Subtracting Tube From Coil
 Selecting Counterflow Heat Recovery
 Changing Plate Heat Recovery Device Settlement
 Changing Rotary Heat Recovery Device Settlement
 Installing Cloud Server
 Energy Related Products (ErP) 2016 & 2018 Directive Compatibility (Conditions Excel File)
 Joining AHU Cells Witrhout Profile
 Fan Discharge Damper Adjustment
 Running Selection Software Without Administrator Rights
 Running Selection Software With Administrator Rights
 Selecting Hepa Filter
 Selecting 3D AHU
 Switching Between 3D and 2D Drawing
 Changing Default Drawing Dimension (3D - 2D)
 Previewing 3D Technical Report
 Exporting 3D Drawing (Solid Works)
 Showing / Hiding 3D Panels and Doors
 Changing 3D Panel / Door Transparency
 Changing 3D Display Type
 Changing Default 3D Display Type
 Changing 3D View Type
 Changing Default 3D View Type
 Defining New City
 Download Whole Setup Package And Install
 Selecting Compact Rotary Heat Recovery
 Selecting Compact Plate Heat Recovery
 Selecting Coil With Fixed Circuit Number
 Changing Fan Type
 Selection Splitted Coil
 Selecting Twin Deck Fan
 Connection (Damper, Flange) Alignment
 Connection (Damper, Flange) Air Velocity
 Subtracting Tube When Selecting Coil
 Changing Circuit Method When Selecting Coil
 Selecting Coil For Vertical AHU
 Selecting Vertical AHU
 Selecting AHU Motor Out Of Air Flow
 Enabling Editing On Print Preview Window
 Selecting Single Inlet Fan
 Using Single Coil For Cooling And Heating
 Defining New Company And System Settings And User
 Panels, Profiles, Pedestals, Connections, Production Durations
 Panels, Inside And Outside Sheet Drawings
 Selecting Eurovent Hygiene Compliant AHU
 Selecting Vertical Filter
 Running Selection Software With Administrator Rights
 Selecting And Defining Not Defined Fan
 Batch Defining Of The Not Defined Fans
 Batch Defining Of The Not Defined Fans (2)
 Copying Motors Batch
 Copying Steamy Humidifiers Batch
 Copying Watery Humidifiers Batch
 Defining Damper Motor Trademark
 Defining Filter Trademark
 Defining Filter
 Defining Frequency Converter Trademark
 Defining Steamy Humidifier Trademark
 Defining Watery Humidifier Trademark
 Copying Damper Motors Batch
 Copying Filters Batch
 Copying Frequency Converters Batch
 Copying Filter
 Copying Filter Thickness
 Module Sizing and Free Panel Length
 Selecting Left Aligned Vertical Mixture Module
 Changing AHU Air Direction
 Fixing Filter Amounts
 Reseting Software Layout
 Copying User
 Selecting Mixture Module With Different Air Flows
 Selecting Vertical Mixture Module With Different Air Flows
 Adding And Removing Device Cost To Project Cost
 Show And Hide Module In The Technical Report
 Vertical Mixture Module Only For Double Layer